Trash service will send you a bill by mail or email quarterly. Payment is due by the first day of the month for the previous quarter. You must make a check out to the company by the first of the month to avoid late fees. If you don’t pay your bill, you’ll be charged a fee of $8. In the future, you’ll be charged a late fee every time you miss a payment.

While many cities still collect garbage from businesses, some have a pay-as-you-throw option, which creates financial incentives to generate less garbage. Residents are now charged for residential bins in addition to recyclables. The cost of trash service is increasing due to rising population density and growing cities. Hence, cities must adopt aggressive waste diversion targets to stay competitive. The goal should be to reduce the volume of waste generated per capita and increase recycling rates.

This service is funded by general city revenues. Because the cost of garbage collection is so high, taxpayers should know why the service is so expensive. The city budgets approximately $2.3 billion to manage waste. This is more than double the cost of private carters and is twice as costly as those of other big cities. Consequently, New Yorkers should consider other options when choosing trash collection.

Private trash service providers are available in Manhattan. They can be found by contacting your neighbors or looking for reviews online. If you do choose a private trash service provider, remember to pay only for their collection services. The County already pays a solid waste disposal fee to private trash collection companies. So, don’t pay more for their collection services. Your city’s Solid Waste Charge fee pays for the services. However, if you can afford it, consider hiring a private trash service provider to take care of your trash.